2nd Grade: Post Office

This is so great! Its simple for everyone!

Reading Rocks with Ms. Acuff

IMG_5828IMG_5844My other 2nd graders read The Fun Club Goes To The Post Office and it was quite the fun experience for them.  I asked the students what happens to the mail after they put it in their mailbox to be delivered.  Everyone responded, “it gets delivered to the person on the envelope.” and I’ll admit that before I researched into how mail gets from one place to the next I didn’t know how mail got from A to B.  All the kiddos agreed that something magical just must’ve happened in between because they couldn’t figure out how else it would happen.

I showed them a couple of quick clips on the behind the scenes of the post office and how mail is sorted to its final destination.  I brought in some mail for them to look at the special stamps and barcodes that get put on the envelope.  After we…

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